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A Company Limited by shares is an ideal format for a small & medium size business.

Thousands of self-employed professionals are discovering the advanges of changing to a Limited Company. So they can not only protect their personal assets, but can also save thousands of pounds on Income Tax.

Companies Limited by Guarantee are not set up to make a profit, but are suitable for voluntary organisations for promotion of education, cultural, arts and suports. The structure protects the voluntory board members from personal liabilities when an organisation goes down.

In case of company liqudations, its board members are liable only for the amount guanteed, normally £1 or £5.

Unlimited companies are not so popular, as the name says, that its directors are liable for an unlimited losses if the company goes down. But there are certainly some advantages, as Frank Selkirk argues.

No need to send to Companies House an end of year Balance Sheet and most other statutory returns. So Keep your finances private, from competitors and others. But enjoy the same tax benefits.

A PLC (Public Limited Company) has access to capital markets and can offer its shares for sale to the public through a the stock exchange.

It can also advertise offering any of its securities for sale to the public. In contrast, a private company may not offer to the public any shares in itself.

They are most commonly used for residential flats.


When there are 2 or more flats/apartments in a property, each flat sold on long lease (normally 99 year), under the 1993 Act, Leaseholders can buy the freehold from the landlord. It is best to setup a limited company to own & manage the block of flats.

There are many small offshore isles/countries, sometimes called 'Tax Havens', in which many people set up their companies. This is normally done for tax planning purposes.

Our Offshore section will help you not only in setting up a company but in tax planning and other essential details.



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